15 angelfish species you should know about (2023)

This article will introduce you to 15 angelfish species that you should know about as angelfish lovers and keepers. Angelfish are actually one of the best-selling breeds of fish for indoor aquariums.

What makes her so popular? They are easy to care for and, above all, they come in many colors and variations. So, without further ado, let's talk about the most common angelfish species:

1. Zebra Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (1)

zebra angelfish

The zebra angelfish is the first one we will talk about. This is because most angelfish owners likely have one or two of these versions in their tank.

The zebra grows up to 10 inches in length with proper care. Males and females differ in appearance. If you decide to buy some of these fish, you will need a suitable aquarium.

For a group of 6 or more, a 30 gallon aquarium is the minimum. This is because they spend most of their time swimming. A smaller tank makes them uncomfortable.

Make sure you have established a warm water environment like the natural habitat in which they live.

2. Marble angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (2)

marble angel fish

The marbled angelfish is somewhat similar to the zebra type above. However, it can be dyed black, white, and yellow in marbled patterns, hence the name. Like the zebra, the groundhog likes to live in warm water environments.

But it's best to keep slightly acidic water in the tank because that's where they thrive. Also, a 30 gallon aquarium is needed to maintain a good spirit in the aquarium. Especially for groups of 5 or more marbles.

3. Black Veil Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (3)

black veil angelfish

the veil orblack veil angelfish, is the result of more than 40 years of selective breeding. As its name suggests, it is black in color. If you decide to purchase these types of angelfish, keep in mind that they will require a minimum 30 gallon aquarium. This is not only necessary for larger groups, but also for some adults.

Also, you should keep the temperature between 76 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Captive-bred animals can be kept in water with a pH of up to 7.8.

To keep the veils happy, you should plant the aquarium with lots of logs and stones.

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4. Leopard Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (4)

blue leopard angel

Leopard angelfish are bred from a species of angelfish found in the Amazon that have similar patterns. The coloration and general appearance resemble that of a true leopard, hence the name.

It is important that you maintain the best conditions in the tank because if the lighting is not ideal, for example, the patterns and colors of the fish can fade quickly.

5. Blacktip Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (5)

blacktip angelfish

The Black Lace Angelfish is a more laid back breed that doesn't seem to like noisy environments. Unlike the others already mentioned, this guy is not an active swimmer.

Like most of their peers, Blacktip Angelfish like to stay in warm water between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. But to make sure they are comfortable in their tank; You have to keep the water at 78 degrees.

If you do everything right, they'll grow huge: over 6 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall.

6. Albino-Kaiserfisch

15 angelfish species you should know about (6)


The albino is another species that breeds in aquariums. It is not found in this form in the Amazon.

Your ancestors had one.blancoand silver in color and orange-eyed, and preferred to live in areas rich in vegetation and roots that provided protection from larger predators, as well as abundant food in the form of insect larvae and worms.

You should keep the medium sized fish along with the albinos. This is because albinos eat smaller fish when ambushed.

By their nature, they can also be fed frozen and live foods. But make sure everyone gets a piece because they move very slowly.

7. Red angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (7)


reddish angelfish

This scalar differs significantly from others in coloration. You can easily see that the only color present on the fish's body is a pair of flushed cheeks. Also, there are no pigment spots anywhere on the body.

The composition of the water is the same as in the breeds already mentioned above. The water temperature should be kept between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Golden angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (8)

golden angelfish

This is another veil angelfish, but this time it is gold in color. Of all the fish in this article, the golden angelfish is probably one of the most beautiful.

To ensure that they thrive in your aquarium, you must keep the water levels at the recommended levels at all times. For example, the pH should be kept between 6.5 and 6.9. And the temperature should be 76 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since the golden angelfish originates from the Amazon, it needs an aquarium with lush vegetation and wood in addition to stones.

9. Smoked Angelfish

As its name suggests, this angelfish is not the most colorful. However, it certainly looks impressive. Due to darker pigmentation, Smokey has footprints all over his body. These patterns are not symmetrical at all. They can vary in intensity from black to gray.

As the fish ages, the dark pigmentation of its body increases. And sometimes it even darkens over time.

10. Deep Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (10)

deep angelfish (Those)

The Altum angelfish is a slightly more demanding breed of fish than the previous ones. Because? This species needs to be kept in special water conditions. For example, the water temperature should be higher, 82 to 90 degrees.

In addition, the pH should always be between 4.8 and 6.2. This is especially important since altums do not do well in less acidic conditions. You should also make sure that the hardness of the water stays below 5. If you do everything according to the rules, your Altums will live a long time and thrive happily in your aquarium.

11. Pez Koi-Kaiser

15 angelfish species you should know about (11)

pez koi-kaiser

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The Koi Angelfish is quite similar to the Blush and Gold Angelfish above. It has a bit of both. Coloration consists of white, with gold on the head and genes. The average size they reach is 6 inches for both males and females.

Like most other specimens, the koi angelfish does not require much attention. Water temperature and other conditions are easily kept in the correct range. A 30 gallon tank is the bare minimum for this breed, just like the others above.

12. Silver angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (12)

silver angel fish

if you want a lotpopular angelfish in your aquarium, silver is right for you. They easily rank in the top 3 most popular angelfish breeds.

What distinguishes them? Each Silver has 3 stripes on the body: one on the eye and 2 more on the body.

The color is silver as expected. If you are looking for a low maintenance fish, Silver is among the most durable on the market. Basically, the silver angelfish is a good choice for new aquarists who don't have a lot of aquarium experience.pisciculture.

13. Platinum Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (13)

platinum angelfish

The platinum angelfish is a simple but beautiful breed that should be a part of every angelfish community. It is white or greyish in appearance, with no other shapes or patterns on its body.

Taking care of them is very simple: As with most angelfish, the water temperature should be between 26 and 34 degrees. The pH is also very similar: 6.5 - 6.9, but with great care you can put them in water up to a pH of 7.8.

14. Ghost Angelfish

15 angelfish species you should know about (14)

ghost angel fish

The Ghost Angelfish is a larger category than an exact breed. You can buy many different types of ghosts, but the most common and popular is the gray ghost angelfish.

This version is light gray with no other patterns on the body. However, some of them can develop stripes as they age, although this is not necessarily the norm. Ghost Angelfish goes very well with the Platinum above. They look quite similar and do not have any negative effect on each other.

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15. Clown-Kaiserfisch

15 angelfish species you should know about (15)


Clowns are probably the most unpredictable when it comes to looks.

No two Clown Angelfish are identical.

Most of his body is covered in all sorts of shapes that differ from clown to clown. The forms are mostly black, but sometimes it can be mixed with orange as well, it depends on your genetics.

Hybrid of different species of angelfish

If you plan to breed different types of angelfish, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, select 2 species that are not aggressive towards each other. This is important to maintain a good relationship between the two of you. Otherwise they will never start mating.

The second aspect to consider is the condition of the tank. When 2 fish mate, you need to keep the water conditions at a stable level. If not done correctly, everythingreproductive processcould stutter.

If you have a couple of angelfish ready, it's best to set up a separate tank just for them. There's a good reason for this: other fish species can destroy or simply eat the fertilized eggs at the bottom of the tank. So put the breeding pair in another aquarium so you don't risk something like that.

Also, if the eggs have been fertilized by the male, it is advisable to remove him from the tank. he can tooswallow the eggs or chickS. So be careful!

Water Parameter Requirements for Different Angelfish Species

Most angelfish species have very similar water parameters. You can see from above that almost everyone is comfortable in warm water between 76 and 84 degrees. However there are some exceptions. I have discussed them separately in their respective categories above.

Generally,take care of angel fishIt is easy. They do not need very specific water parameters like other species. However, please be aware of some of the above exceptions. For example, the altum angelfish is more demanding when it comes to water conditions. The temperature should be kept higher while the pH is lower than most other breeds.

Feeding of different species of angelfish

Feed your angel fishIt's very easy to do. First you need to know what kind of food you are eating. Fortunately, almost all angelfish eat all kinds of foods:

  • pellets for cichlids
  • Vegetables
  • group of groupers
  • worms
  • Plankton

You can also give him frozen food, but make sure it's thawed beforehand so he can eat it easily. Also, give them different types of food. This will ensure your good health.

Most angelfish need to be fed twice a day. Don't give them more than they can eat in 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, you overfeed them and they can quickly get sick.

Buy rare species of angelfish

If you are looking to buy angelfish, you also need to know where to buy rare species. The first place to buy these breeds is your local pet store, if there is one in your area.

The problem is that most local stores do not stock many rare species of angelfish. So what should I do?

Check the Internet! There are many excellent online markets that sell top-quality fish at reasonable prices. For example, AllPondSolutions is great at offering many rare species at affordable prices. They are based in the UK but you can order online or find a store near you.


In the end, it is up to you to choose the best fish for your aquarium. Above I have presented you with 15 different types that work well indoors.fishing tanks.

The right choice depends mainly on your taste. One thing is for sure: they all look stunning.royal aquarium.

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How many species of angelfish are there? ›

Angelfish are known for their brightly colored scales.

There are 90 species of marine angelfish.

What is the rarest type of angelfish? ›

The three known species of angelfish include P. altum (the largest species), P. leopoldi (the rarest species to find in fish stores), and P. scalare (the most available species found in pet stores).

What is the best type of angelfish? ›

Veil Angelfish

The most popular type of angelfish is found in tanks and is one of the most beautiful ones. Their fins are long, but if you try to keep this fish with other aggressive species, they will have their fins bit. The good thing is that this angelfish can be combined with any other color angelfish.

What are the most expensive angelfish breeds? ›

The peppermint angelfish is known as one of the most expensive fish in the world with $30,000 being the highest listed price. And there is excellent reasoning for it! Collecting these fish requires a specially trained diver to reach nearly 400 feet down into the ocean.

How old is the oldest angelfish? ›

The oldest known living person is Maria Branyas of Spain, aged 115 years, 325 days. The oldest known living man is Juan Vicente Pérez of Venezuela, aged 113 years, 241 days. The 100 oldest women have, on average, lived several years longer than the 100 oldest men.

What is the smallest angelfish? ›

P. leopoldi is the smallest of the angelfish species, reaching a length of 10 centimetres (3.9 in) SL and a height of 15 centimetres (5.9 in)SL, and the most aggressive.

What is the hardiest angelfish? ›

Silver Angelfish

They are quite hardy and among the easiest of the angelfish to care for.

What is the biggest angelfish? ›

The fish have small mouths, relatively large pectoral fins, and rounded to lunate tail fins. The largest species, the gray angelfish, Pomacanthus arcuatus, may reach a length of 60 cm (24 in); at the other extreme, members of the genus Centropyge do not exceed 15 cm (5.9 in).

What is a Red Devil angelfish? ›

A distinctive and rare line bred form of the common Angel (Pterophyllum scalare), the Red Devil or Super Red Angel is a popular variant due to its vibrant deep red coloration. Like all angels, they do best in a large, tall, planted aquarium with plenty of cover.

Are blue angelfish rare? ›

While generally available for sale within the aquarium hobby, the Blue Zebra Angel is one of the more rare variants to find in the average local fish store. Thus, many hobbyists acquire Blue Zebra Angelfish online from specialty retailers.

What size tank does 1 angelfish need? ›

Number of Angelfish

Going by our recommended minimum size, you should start off with 20 gallons for one pair, and then add 10-30 gallons per additional individual, depending on their size and type. If you want a whole group of these fish, it's always best to err on the side of caution and get a larger tank.

What is a ghost angelfish? ›

“Ghost” is a term used to describe an angelfish with one stripeless allele. A black ghost angelfish is a black lace, or double dark black angelfish with one allele for stripeless. The stripeless allele suppresses the expression of any underlying body stripes.

Which fish is luckiest in the world? ›

Gold fish can be kept at home as feng shui fish because they bring in wealth and good luck. Also, Arowana fish, Butterfly Koi, Rainbow fish can be your choice.

Are Peppermint Angelfish rare? ›

One of the most rare fish available, the peppermint dwarf angelfish is one of the most wanted fish for any aquarium. The peppermint dwarf angelfish is found at depths of 300 to 400 feet deep and love to swim in caves and coral structures, making it extremely difficult to catch.

How much is a peppermint angel? ›

The $30,000 Peppermint Angelfish at Waikiki Aquarium.

Do angelfish recognize their owners? ›

They're very calming fish." They're also very intelligent ones, he adds, noting that cichlids like the angelfish "are on the higher end of the intelligence scale. They're not like a guppy -- they recognize the people who feed them, and they'll rush to the front of the tank when they see you approaching with food."

How many angelfish can live in a 55 gallon tank? ›

Angelfish are large cichlids that can grow to about 3-4 inches long. So, a 55-gallon aquarium will provide pretty good growth potential for them. Ideally, every adult angel needs 10 gallons of water, so a 55-gallon tank can comfortably accommodate 4-6 angels.

Do angelfish get bigger? ›

Because angelfish can grow up to 6 inches long, these fish should be kept in a tank no smaller than 20 gallons in capacity – the bigger the better. It is also important to keep in mind that this species tends to grow tall rather than long, so angelfish prefer to be kept in tall tanks rather than wide ones.

What is a panda angelfish? ›

A distinctive line bred form of the common Angel (Pterophyllum scalare), the Panda Angel is a popular variant due to their striking black and white pattern. Like all angels, they do best in a large, tall, planted aquarium with plenty of cover.

How big is a queen angel fish? ›

Queen angelfish are up to 18 inches (45 cm) long. They weigh up to three and a half pounds (1.6 kg). These colorful fish have electric blue bodies, blazing yellow tails with light purple and orange highlights. The body is flattened from side to side and they have a small beak-like mouth with comb-like teeth.

What size tank do I need for 4 angelfish? ›

Angelfish Care Profile
Care Level:Easy to Moderate
Size:6-10 Inches Tall
Lifespan:Up to 10 Years
Minimum Tank Size:30 Gallons
6 more rows
Apr 20, 2022

What fish Cannot live with angelfish? ›

It's best to go with fish that are at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) long. On the flipside, you also don't want to put angelfish in with big whoppers like jaguar cichlids, Oscars or redhead cichlids.

What do angelfish need in their tank? ›

Freshwater angelfish need tropical freshwater with a slow-moving current. The tank temperature should be in the range of 75F to 84F, with a slightly acidic pH of 6.5 - 7.5, and on the softer side, around 5 - 12 dH. Angelfish are pretty flexible when it comes to how their tank should be 'decorated'.

Can angelfish live in 78 degree water? ›

Water Requirements for Angelfish

pH should be between 6.8 and 7.8, with hardness between 3° and 8° dKH (54 to 145 ppm). Temperature is best kept between 78° and 84° F.

How many angelfish can you have in a 120 gallon tank? ›

But technically we can now because at 40 in a 120-gallon aquarium, 300-gallon system, we'll do okay with plenty of water changes given the fact that they're only the size of a quarter or so.

How big do platinum angel fish get? ›

The body of an adult Platinum angelfish can reach a size of approximately 6″ across, but they can be 8″ or taller in height once you account for their dorsal and anal fins. Angelfish, at any size, are difficult to sex unless they are in spawning behavior.

Is a 10 gallon tank big enough for an angelfish? ›

Angelfish and plecos, for example, may be sold at an appealingly small size, but as adults, they are simply too large for a 10-gallon tank. You also need to consider behavior. Fish such as danios that need a lot of swimming space won't be happy in 10 gallons.

Are flame angelfish rare? ›

It has been shown that the Flame Angelfish is so rare that it may mate with the more common Potters Angelfish and produce hybrids between the two species. The Flame Angelfish is extremely popular to keep in saltwater aquariums and they can live for five to eight years in a captive setting.

What is a super veil angelfish? ›

This is a hardy, colorful strain of Koi Angelfish

Selectively bred in our hatcheries for over 40 years! Meticulously culled so only the best shaped, fast-growing fish are selected.

What is a marble angelfish? ›

$6.99 – $99.99. The Freshwater (or FW) Marble Angelfish is a color morph from the wild Silver 'scalare' angelfish that has a large distribution across many river systems in South America. It is rare to encounter wild freshwater angelfish in the hobby, because they are now mass produced in captive-settings in Asia.

What is the price of black angel fish? ›

Z Black Angel fish, Packaging Type: Poly, Size: 2.5 Inch at Rs 270/piece in Mumbai.

What is the rarest pet fish? ›

Asian Arowana – The most expensive aquarium fish

Rare species, like the ones in West Kalimantan, recognizable by their color, reach the price of 1,500 dollars. Adult albino specimens are sold for the astronomical price of 70,000 dollars.

What is the rarest fish you can get? ›

It's the only place the Devils Hole pupfish live in the world, meaning they're some of the rarest fish on earth.

What is the lifespan of angelfish? ›

Aquarium Care

Angelfish are easy to care for and can live up to 10 years in captivity if they are provided with proper aquarium conditions. Because of their shape, this species prefers tall aquariums with a capacity of at least 20 gallons.

How many angelfish can you have in a 75 gallon tank? ›

A 4-foot long, 75-gallon tank is the ideal tank size for a group of 6 Angelfish. And in many ways, 6 is a great number of Angelfish to go for, since they like to be kept in groups and to choose their own mates.

Do angelfish like sand or gravel? ›

To avoid injury to your Angelfish when they are digging, it is best to choose a substrate of fine sand or mud rather than larger and heavier gravel.

Are albino angelfish rare? ›

The Albino Peruvian Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare "Peruvian Altum") is a very uncommon albino variant of the already uncommon Peruvian Altum.

What is a pinoy angelfish? ›

This awesome angelfish variety develops a striking bright blue/turquoise sheen as it matures! The Blue Pinoy Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare), also known as the Philippine Blue Pinoy or Cobalt Angelfish, is a very in-demand color variant of the classic angelfish.

What is unlucky fish? ›

Unlucky Fish is a goldfish that appears in a small mass of water with Khadgar during. [10-40] The Battle of the Forge after he destroyed the dam in Blackrock Quarry in Tanaan Jungle during Assault on the Dark Portal and teleported on the ground. The fish then flipped itself to the water. Advertisement.

Which Zodiac has a fish? ›

Pisces. Not only is Pisces symbol represented with a fish, in the zodiac calendar it is the twelfth and last sign. This astrological significance of this is that Pisces carries a little bit of each sign in the zodiac that comes before it.

What color of fish is lucky? ›

Fish Colours

Brighter colours such as red, yellow and blue promote good “chi”. Darker colours such as black can also be good when accompanied by gold coloured fish, but there should always be more gold than black e.g. 2 gold and 1 black, 8 gold and 1 black.

Is Abiding Angelfish rare? ›

The Abiding Angelfish is a rare butterflyfish native to Liyue that can be found as a pet for the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact.

What is the price of silver angel fish? ›

Very Small- Rs. 25/ Piece. Large- Rs. 100/ Piece.

What is the most expensive sea fish? ›

Pacific Bluefin Tuna: The World's Most Expensive Fish | The Pew Charitable Trusts. Protecting Life in the Arctic - U.S.

Where can I find platinum arowana? ›

Platinum arowanas are found in bodies of fresh water in Asian countries such as Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia, in South American countries such as Colombia and Brazil and in Australia. They are found in locations such as slow rivers, flooded forests and swamps.

Are peppermint angelfish reef safe? ›

They are popular for aquaria as they do not become so large as other Angelfish species. They grow typically to about 10 cm, but some up to about 18 cm. They are not normally reef safe.

How deep do peppermint angelfish live? ›

Habitat and biology

The peppermint angelfish is found at depths of 55 to 120 metres (180 to 394 ft) on areas of coral rubble, overhangs and caves situated in the steep outer slopes of reefs. It is little known but its diet is thought to be made up of worms, crustaceans, sponges, tunicates, and detritus.

What is the largest angelfish species? ›

The largest species, the gray angelfish, Pomacanthus arcuatus, may reach a length of 60 cm (24 in); at the other extreme, members of the genus Centropyge do not exceed 15 cm (5.9 in). A length of 20 to 30 cm (7.9 to 11.8 in) is typical for the rest of the family.

Are all angelfish the same species? ›

In the wild, you find angelfish in the river basins of Brazil, Columbia, French Guiana, Guyana, and Peru. Despite the numerous types, there are only three species: the common (Pterophyllum scalare), the altum (Pterophyllum altum), and the Leopold's (Pterophyllum leopoldi).

Can different species of angelfish breed? ›

Almost half of all marine angelfish are capable of forming hybrids, that is having viable offspring between two different species, according to Australian research. The study found that 42 species - which represents 48 per cent of the angelfish family, can breed with fish from another angelfish species.

Can I mix angel fish? ›

Behavior/Compatibility for Angelfish

Suitable tank mates include larger tetras and rasboras, gouramis, peaceful barbs, rainbowfish, corydoras and other medium-sized catfish. Angelfish can also be kept with discus in larger aquariums, if the temperature is maintained above 82° F.

Can angelfish change gender? ›

Sexually dichromatic protogynous angelfish Centropyge ferrugata (Pomacanthidae) males can change back to females. Zoolog Sci. 2003 May;20(5):627-33.

Can you keep 4 angelfish together? ›

Managing all these together isn't an easy task. So, we always recommend you to keep two angelfish together. Also, if you really want to keep more than two angelfish in the same tank, always get them in a pair. It means, always gets four, six or eight angelfishes.


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