Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (2023)

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Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (6)

A Look at Apple Music Audio Quality


Apple Music may be available on the new Teslavacation updatebut don't expect itlossless audio qualityApple Music subscribers are enjoying it... at least not yet.

Tesla owner and software developerDan Burklandrecently ran some in-vehicle audio quality tests from Tesla's in-car streaming services, TIDAL, Spotify and now Apple Music.

Burkland had previously tested TIDAL on a different version of Tesla's software, but with Tesla's ever-changing software and theHoliday update releasedecided to do the tests again.

Settings and songs used for testing

You've connected your Model Y to your home Wi-Fi network and used a DHCP reservation so the vehicle can use a specific IP address. then installedntopngabout itOPNsense-FirewallMonitor vehicle traffic statistics. After resetting the Model Y's host stats, he sampled a total of nine songs, including "Purple Rain" by Prince, "Foreplay" by Boston, and "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin.


The Burkland test results concluded that TIDAL still offers thatthe best listening experience🇧🇷 TIDAL's average bitrate was approximately 1165 kbps. This isn't too shocking, as TIDAL has always championed it.Audio transmission in the highest qualityExperience.

Surprisingly, Spotify's audio quality has surpassed Apple Music in second place. Burkland's tests showed Spotify streaming at an average bitrate of ~157 kbps, while Apple Music was below average at ~118 kbps.

Burkland added that he thinks Apple Music limits the bitrate for the in-car app, but hopes a future Tesla software update will fix that. If Tesla can bring lossless streaming to Apple Music, it will give TIDAL a chanceHiFi streaming by in-car app.

Check out some of Dan's test results below, or check out his for a complete list.He comes back from Hilo.

so many tears 2PacPink Floyd's youthful lustDancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
Longitude (MM:SS)3:593:304:05
duration (seconds)239210245
Data transfer estimated at 96 Kbps (MB)2,802.462,87
Data transfer estimated at 128 Kbps (MB)3,733.283,83
Data transfer estimated at 160 Kbps (MB)4,674.14,79
Data transfer estimated at 192 Kbps (MB)5,604,925.74
Data transfer estimated at 256 Kbps (MB)7.476.567.66
Data transfer estimated at 320 Kbps (MB)9.348.29.57
Data transfer estimated at 1411 Kbps (MB)41.1736.1742.2
Apple Music (MB)4.103.204,80
Apple Music (Tasa de Bits - Kbps)140,53124,83160,50
Spotify (MB)6,705,802,90
Spotify (Tasa de bits - Kbps)229,65226,2696,97
More (MB)27h4021h5030,50
Mar (taxa de bits - Kbps)939,17838,701019,82
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Other Tesla owners are conducting similar tests

reddit usersu/OverlyOptimisticNerdran similar tests with a slightly different setup. They used an iPhone 14 as a mobile hotspot,Hotspot monitors data usagefrom the Apple App Store and the Model 3 2019Version 2022.44.25.1.

During the test, they observed the same pattern in all songs, citing a lot of data that arrived at the beginning of the test and then slowly left. Apple Music's low data rate seems to match that of the company.Codec HE-AAC com 64 kbps.

"It seems to buffer most or even all of the music and then pause between tracks to do it again," writes u/OverlyOptimisticNerd. “On average I saw ~2MB per track, with ~1.7MB during the first burst and ~0.3MB across the entire track. This is in keeping with the HE-AAC standard as most of these songs were just over 3 minutes long.”

While Apple Music may have the lowest average bitrate of the three services we tested, it's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean it's the lowest quality. Audio quality depends on several factors, including the bitrate used, whether it is variable, and the efficiency of the codec.

Apple Music's HE-ACC codec is optimized for low-bandwidth applications, which means it can outperform an ACC-encoded file in low-bandwidth situations. In the real world, Apple Music on your Tesla should sound very similar to streaming music from Spotify, but not as good as TIDAL's offerings.

(Video) Apple high resolution streaming vs Tidal

Von Lennon Cihak

Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (14)

Tesla vehicles are well prepared for winter temperatures.


According to, Teslas are among the most efficient electric vehicles in cold climatesrecurrent study.

The cold usually affects the autonomy of electric vehicles for two reasons. Colder weather changes battery chemistry slightly; therefore, the range is reduced. The lower range may mean that some owners will have to alter their trips in the winter months compared to the warmer seasons.

electric vehicle heaters

However, the biggest contributor to the reduced range of electric vehicles is heat generation. Because electric vehicles are much more efficient than their internal combustion engine counterparts, they generate very little excess heat. While heat is a byproduct of gasoline engines and can be conducted into the cabin to warm passengers, electric vehicles must generate additional heat to ensure passenger comfort.

resistance heaters

This is usually done in two ways, by an electrical resistance or by a heat pump. A resistance heater is like a space heater that you can use in your home. Electric current flows through the wires, causing them to heat up, and then the heat is released into the room.

heat pumps

Heat pumps are more complicated and work very differently than resistance heaters; however, they are also more efficient in most cases. They work by using outside air to heat a coolant, which is then pressurized to raise the coolant's temperature. The coolant then flows into the passenger compartment where the vehicle's air flows through it, causing it to heat up and flow into the passenger compartment. Although heat pumps are much more efficient compared to electric heaters, efficiency drops the colder it is outside.

Which Teslas have heat pumps?

Newer Teslas all use heat pumps instead of resistance heaters due to their greater efficiency. All redesigned Model S and Model X vehicles use heat pumps, as do all Model Y vehicles. However, some 2017-2020 Model 3 vehicles use resistance heaters to heat the interior, making them less efficient in the warmer months .

Find your heating type

If you don't know if your Tesla has a heat pump or resistance heater, you can find out simply by checking your car's software. Your vehicle's heater type is shown in the list when you navigate to Controls > Software and then tap Additional Vehicle Information.

Because of Tesla's unique heating system and its efficiency, Recurrent found that Tesla vehicles have one of the best ranges of any electric car. As a result, Tesla owners may not need to make as many changes to their daily commute. They are able to handle it due to theirlatest battery technology, as well as the use of localized heating by heating the seats, steering wheel and cabin, as well as itsAdvanced heat pumps.

Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (15)

Tesla vehicles are well prepared for winter temperatures.

automatic recurring

(Video) How Apple just KILLED Tidal with Lossless Apple Music!

A new study published by Recurrent pulled data from 7,000 electric vehicles from the 14 most popular brands, including Audi, BMW, Hyundai and Tesla. Data from each vehicle was collected through on-board telemetry and real-time use. Vehicles have been used in sub-zero temperatures (20-30 degrees F) and hot temperatures of 70 degrees F. When temperatures drop below 50°F, heat pumps start to become less efficient.

Recurrent's results concluded that Tesla's long-range Model Y and Model X 75D AWD lost 15%, while the long-range Model 3 with a 75kWh battery lost 17% and the Model S P100D lost 17% and 19% , respectively % lost. Compared to the Chevy Bolt, which lost 32%, and Ford's Mustang Mach-E, which lost 30%, Tesla's vehicles seem better equipped for the cold weather. Unfortunately, Recurrent tested older Teslas that didn't include heat pumps, meaning Tesla's numbers would have been even better if Recurrent had used newer models. Still, Tesla had some of the best performing vehicles.

Comparison of heat pumps and resistance heaters in Teslas

This is how Tesla continuesUpgrade your vehicles, your CATL battery supplier, recently announced that it has produced aBattery that offers a range of 430 miles.

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Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (21)

Tesla Electric is designed to manage the excess electricity it generates


After gaining experience through hisVirtual Power Plants(VPP) Tesla launched “Tesla Electric” to become an electricity merchant through its Powerwall infrastructure.

(Video) Tidal vs Spotify bitrate in Tesla.

Tesla's Virtual Power Plant is a connection of distributed energy storage systems that work together to return power to the grid, avoiding messy and expensive peak power plants and helping to stabilize the grid. When the grid is overloaded, Tesla's VPP can essentially step in and get power from Powerwall owners participating in the program, helping to prevent blackouts and earning Tesla owners extra money.

However, Tesla Electric differs from Tesla VPP because its purpose is to manage excess electricity. Tesla Electric is an energy-saving plan for Powerwall owners, starting with Texas residents. With Tesla Electric, the Powerwall automatically decides when to use electricity and when to sell it to the grid, maximizing homeowners' profits.

The service brings Tesla's expertise in energy markets and energy storage into your home, maximizing the value of your solar energy while using your Powerwall storage to inject more renewable electricity into the grid.

Tesla Electric releases more value from the electricity it sends to the grid using algorithms that monitor electricity prices in your area and direct its powerwall to sell electricity when prices are at their highest.

Unlike other solar buyback plans that "buy" excess solar energy when it is plentiful and cheap, Tesla Electric allows customers to sell energy when it is most in demand and most valuable.

Solar and Powerwall can help you and your community accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. By importing electricity from the grid, Tesla Electric balances its consumption with electricity from 100% renewable sources.

"Along with other Tesla Electric members, you can maximize the value of your solar energy while leveraging your Powerwall storage to bring more renewable electricity to the grid."

Tesla Electric is currently only available in Texas, and Tesla intends to support other states in the future. To qualify, you must own Tesla Solar, have at least one Powerwall, and live in an area of ​​Texas that offers retail options.

Apple Music audio quality on your Tesla compared to Spotify and Tidal (23)


(Video) Tidal is BETTER than Spotify (Tesla Model Y on 2021.40.6)


Is Apple Music better on Tesla than Spotify? ›

Surprisingly, Spotify's audio quality came in ahead of Apple Music to nab second place. Burkland's tests showed Spotify streaming at an average bitrate of ~157 kbps, while Apple Music came in at a subpar ~118 kbps.

Is Apple Music higher quality than Tidal? ›

Tidal Music: Audio Quality. The audio quality is the most significant difference between these two music streaming services. Tidal is obviously the winner in the battle of audio quality since it focuses on providing high-end music quality.

Does Apple have better sound quality than Spotify? ›

Audio streaming quality is where Apple Music completely supersedes Spotify. Because of its recent update, Apple Music now offers lossless audio quality of up to 24-bit/192 kHz as well as spatial audio with Dolby Atmos.

What sound quality does Spotify use in Tesla? ›

The streaming bitrate for the Tesla in-car Spotify app appears to be variable, averaging around 128 to 160kbps.

What bit rate is Apple Music on Tesla? ›

Apple Music on Tesla appears to use the HE-AAC codec at 64 kbps.

What bitrate is tidal on Tesla? ›

The test results were surprising and confirmed that Tesla had limited the bitrate to 96 Kbps. With the recent addition of Apple Music and previously TIDAL I wanted to perform my tests again however this time do them against Tesla OS 2022.45.

Is Apple Lossless as good as Tidal? ›

You can select lossless quality in your app settings. Because FLAC is closer to studio masters, in theory, Tidal's HiFi plan using FLAC lossless audio codec is better in audio quality than Apple Music's lossless music tracks.

Is music quality better on Apple Music? ›

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming.

Does Tidal actually have better sound quality? ›

Tidal HiFi utilizes FLAC to deliver more than 80 million lossless tracks (16-bit, 44.1kHz audio files) that are significantly higher quality than standard definition MP3s or most rivals' basic, compressed streams. Only Amazon Music Unlimited comes close to what Tidal offers with its HD-quality streams.

Does Apple Music work in a Tesla? ›

Apple Music support for Tesla cars is something that Tesla owners have long been waiting for, as the electric car company has previously only worked with streaming services like Spotify. The experience works as you might expect, and the full ‌Apple Music‌ service is available.

Why is Apple Music so much better than Spotify? ›

After comparing these two streaming services, Apple Music is a better option than Spotify Premium simply because it currently offers high-resolution streaming. However, Spotify still has some major advantages like collaborative playlists, better social features, and more.


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