Micron 6500 ION NVMe U.3 and E1.L SSDs up to 30.72TB and XTR NVMe U.3 up to 1.92TB SSDs for Data Center (2023)

micron technology corp.was announced2SSD, the so-calledDisk SSD 6500 ION NVMeIXTR NVMe SSD.

Dysk SSD 6500 ION E1.L i U.3 NVMe

Designed to keep up with growing data volumes, these drives are a data center breakthrough that lowers operating costs and increases storage efficiency. The 6500 ION is a high-capacity SSD that offers better value than competing QLC-based drives, delivers performance and supports greener data centers. thisThanks to a proprietary 232-layer technology node, the 6500 ION is able to deliver TLC performance and cost similar to QLCCompared to competition using QLC technology below the 200 class. When paired with the 6500 ION or other SSDs, XTR SSDs provide the endurance that can improve system performance.

Customers are looking for new opportunities to meet the data growth and performance demands of AI data lakes and other demanding workloads. As a result, we've seen tremendous traction with the 6500 ION and XTR, with customers deploying storage at scale with an unrivaled combination of high capacity, exceptional performance, and incredible endurance.said Alvaro Toledo, vice president and general manager of the Data Center Storage Group. "The SSD 6500 ION delivers QLC value and TLC performance with up to 20% lower power consumption than competing QLC SSDs, enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Together, these SSDs enable customers to move forward and leverage the power of AI without compromising performance»

6500 ION SSD: QLC price. TLC properties.companyinnovation. ,

thisDisk SSD 6500 IONProven, best-performing high-capacity SSD compared to mainstream alternatives (1)hereby:

  • 34% lower average read latency(2)
  • 58% faster sequential writes(3)
  • Up to 62% increase in random 4KB read I/O(4)
  • Over 30x increase in 4KB random write I/O at 128 queue depths (QD) and over 10x increase at QD1
  • Over 10x 4K Random Write Endurance (RDWPD)(5)

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The 6500 ION SSD also demonstrated this high performance in real-world stress tests:

  • For Ceph Object Storage workloads,High-performance, high-capacity NVMe SSDs such as the 6500 ION provide high performance and large capacity in the same object storage space. In addition, the test results of the 6500 ION NVMe SSD showed a significant performance improvement in all tested workloads compared to the leading competitor. (1)

    Ceph Object Store Workload Results (6):

    • Up to 3.5x faster performance for 100% sequential writes
    • 100% continuous reading 47% better
    • 100% random reading up to 49% better
    • Mixed I/O (sequential reads and writes) performance improvement of up to 62%
    • Up to 27% performance improvement in mixed I/O (random reads and sequential writes)
  • For Cassandra NoSQL databases,The 6500 ION SSD is a highly scalable distributed database used for tasks such as fraud detection, global logistics, cloud document storage, and social applications, often exhibiting higher peak performance and 99.99% (four nine) read latency. The peak performance of the 6500 ION is 2.6 times that of the Yahoo! competitor. Cloud Service Delivery Benchmarks (7)(YCSB) Workload C (100% read profile). With YCSB F (User Session Logging Profile) workload, the read latency of 4 nines is up to 9.2x higher. These improvements for a range of common NoSQL workloads often have a significant impact on data center performance, making the 6500 ION SSD the high-capacity SSD of choice for Cassandra and other NoSQL database deployments.

  • likedata sheet, a high-performance, scalable software-based storage solution, the 6500 ION proves it can help deliver massive storage capacity and performance without compromising competing QLC SSDs. In a 6-node cluster configuration, a WEKA cluster with 48 6500 ION SSDs can deliver up to 5.2 million IOPS and an impressive throughput of up to 112 GB/s per node - nearly 1.5 PB per cluster .

WEKA is leading a paradigm shift in the way data is stored, managed and processed. Software-defined solutions help organizations transform traditional, stagnant data silos into dynamic, seamless data pipelines that seamlessly and sustainably support next-generation workloads such as AI, machine learning, and HPC.Nilesh Patel says:Chief Procurement Officer,Vika.I, Inc.. “WEKA data platform requires high-performance hardware or cloud foundation to provide maximum value to our customers. By partnering with Micron and their new 6500 ION model, we can deliver the performance our customers rely on while reducing energy consumption and saving money.

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The 6500 ION drives are priced like QLC SSDs while increasing performance and endurance for lower upfront costs.(8)It reduces operating costs by using less energy and requiring less cooling. 30.72 TB drive capacity and high-density form factor facilitate server consolidation by reducing server software licensing costs(9)and carbon emissions – while improving performance and maintaining competition. It also provides security features, including ASIC Federal Information and Processing Standard (FIPS) certification and compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).

Supermicro partners with leading suppliers such as Micron to bring the latest technology to demanding customers around the world who demand high performance and secure memory technology,Volilia says:Doten-eatdown andVice President,business development,supermicrocomputer company. “Customers who choose the new Micron 6500 ION SSD as their storage solution can take advantage of its security features and QLC value with TLC performance»

XTR SSD: Excellent Endurance for Write-Intensive Workloads

thiscompanyDisk SSD XTRProvides superior durability for the dependable cushioning needed for heavy workloads. Combined with 6500 ION, XTRDisk SSDOptimize storage workloads with minimal investment compared to storage class storage based solutions. XTR is designed for write-intensive applications such as caching levels, write caching, logging and logging, and online transaction processing workloads. designed withBusinessXTR SSD's vertically integrated storage architecture also includes an industry-leading security suite for increased confidence in data center deployments.

XTR SSDs allow you to:

  • Up to 35 random disk writes (DWPD) and up to 60 sequential DWPDs per day. Endurance ratings that far exceed traditional SSDs
  • Up to 35% random DWPD endurance at 20% of SSD SCM cost(10)
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 44%(11)
  • 20% increase in usable capacity(12)

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In Microsoft SQL Server Analytics stress tests where storage performance and endurance are critical, the XTR and 6500 ION SSD performed similarly to solutions using the proprietary 6500 ION SSD and SCM memory.(13)When XTR and 6500 ION SSD are combined, XTR plays the same role as SCM SSD, providing almost the same query performance.(14)The 6500 ION SSD provides the base storage that meets the performance and capacity requirements of SQL Server, while the XTR SSD provides the persistence required for write-intensive SQL Server operations such as tempdb volumes.(15)

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With the 6500 ION and XTR SSDs, the company's SSDs offer a combination of high-capacity and durable NVMe SSDs. This combination of SSDs enables data center operators to massively scale storage, control costs and increase data center endurance while consuming less power than previous technologies.

thisCapacity 30.72TB 6500 ION SSDyesusableIn U.3 (15mm) and E1.L (9.5mm) housings, bothDisk SSD XTRyesusableU.3 (15 mm) with capacities of 960 GB and 1.92 TB.

Dysk SSD Micron 6500 ION DS
blog:Micron beats rival QLC SSD with innovation
Micron 6500 ION SSD Resolutionshort technique
Micron 6500 ION SSD Cassandrashort technique
Micron 6500 ION SSD WEKAshort technique
Analityka Micron XTR SQL Servershort technique

(1)All comparisons to similar competitor products are based on the Solidigm D5-P5316 30.72TB SSD from publicly available information or Micron testing at the time of publication of this document. Value refers to the combination of performance, features, longevity, capacity and purchase price. Throughput is reported in IO/s, GB/s, or both. Latency claims refer to 99.99% read latency, 4KB 100% random, 100% read load. Sequential write instructions based on 128 KB 100% sequential write load. Random I/O instructions based on 100% random 4K workloads.
(2)Average read latency for 4KB 100% random reads at queue depth 1.
(3)A 58% improvement is measured in QD32 and QD64. Measurements performed on QD 1 to 256 yielded a range of improvements ranging from -7% to 58%.
(4)A 62% improvement was measured in QD32. Additional measurements were performed on QDs ranging from 1 to 256, showing improvements of 18% to 62% over competitor movements.
(5)Solidigm's documentation states that its endurance is rated using a 100% 64K random write load of 0.41 DWPD. Solidigm D5-P5316 rated durability at 64K transfer size is estimated to be 1/16 of the rated endurance at 4K transfer size, so the 4K value is 0.0256 (0.41/16). Micron 6500 ION rated endurance at 4KB random write load of 0.3 DWPD.
(6)Test results are from Micron internal testing.
(7)For more information on YCSB, visithttps://github.com/brianfrankcooper/YCSB.
(8)Pricing statements are based on publicly available information at the time of publication of this document.
(9)When the software is licensed by frame, processor or processor core.
(10)Claim based on Intel Optane P5800x 1.6TB public pricing compared to similar capacity NAND SSDs available at launch. Not formatted. 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. Formatted capacity is smaller.
(11)Based on published power consumption data for Intel Optane SSDs P5800X-1.6TB, P5810X-800GB, P5800X-800GB, and P5800X-3.2TB
(12)Claim based on comparison of Micron XTR-1.92TB and Intel Optane P5800X-1.6TB published capacities at time of publication.
(13)The SSD SCM used in the Microsoft SQL Server Analytics load test was the Intel Optane SSD DC P5800X. The retailer has announced that it will discontinue further development of the product. lookyes link to ad detailsIntel Optane is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.
(14)Based on Micron testing. I understandwww.micron.com/XTRto know more information.
(15)I understandhttps://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/databases/tempdb-database?view=sql-server-ver16More information about tempdb.

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