Pros and cons of technology | Advantages and disadvantages (2023)


Is technology good or bad?

Each has its pros and cons. And this also applies to technology. The question of whether technology is good or bad depends a lot on the context in which you think about it. I'm sure different people have different views.

Just think about technology, the first thing that comes to mind will only be positive. Because we only think that way, because it makes our lives easier. But unknowingly, technology also has negative effects to some extent. But we don't think about its downside.

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It's the same as wanting to eat fast food and keep eating that food. After a long way, you realize that it affects your body's health. This doesn't mean that food isn't good for your health, but an overdose of anything is harmful. The same applies to technology.

Not to say that using technology is the worst thing, and I'm not taking you to the dark side of technology by any means. Technology is a necessity and we must use it. But the correct use of technology is fundamental. It is the main area of ​​concern where we all fall behind.

Let's take a detailed look at the pros and cons of the technology.

advantages of technology

  1. Every coin has two sides. Now let's look at the bright side first.
  2. Technology that makes life easier.
  3. Reduce pollution for a clean environment.
  4. Donate and save people's lives.
  5. Technology has facilitated communication.
  6. Technology facilitates access to data.
  7. Education made easy.

1- Technology that makes life easier.

Let's start with technologies in industries. Because of technology, industries and companies have grown rapidly. There are N number of technologies we can list here. Some of them are robotic machines, artificial intelligence, electricity, transport, agricultural equipment, medical techniques, easy access to information via the internet, satellite, etc. Just arrive in a minimum time. These technologies make human life very easy.

2- Reduce pollution for a cleaner environment

Many new types of energy technologies are non-toxic. The best example issolar energyTechnology that does not pollute the environment. And this technology is used in public lighting poles, lamps, buildings and factories to generate electricity from sunlight.

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power generation offmolinoit is also considered a source of energy. Some countries have reduced the use of fossil fuels and started using windmills as a source of energy.

tidal energy,geothermal energy,biomass energyThe power plant helps the environment to reduce pollution and help the environment.

3- Donate and save people's lives.

Medical technologies help people with disabilities to return to their normal lives. Visually impaired people can wear glasses and see normally. People with hearing problems can listen with headphones. People with hand and foot disabilities can also be treated with artificial hands and feet.

Bone fractures and small breaks in the bones can be scanned, located, and treated with X-rays. Other diseases of the body can be analyzed before the worst conditions are reached. The replacement of the body's internal organs is one of the great achievements of medicine. I feel that developing medical technology is at the top of the list because it saves lives.

4- Simplified communication technology

Communication technology makes it easy to communicate with people all over the world. The first thing that comes to mind is the cell phone and the internet has made it a lot easier. People can connect with others, family and friends anywhere in the world. And all this can be done in a second and at a lower cost.

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Before this technology, people wrote letters to communicate and it took a long time to send letters. Their cost is high because transport facilities were not very developed at that time.

5- Technology facilitates access to data.

In today's world, a search engine like Google has become a data warehouse. All types of dates are available on this platform. Students can get all the information they need in a second. You just need to Google what you need information about. It helps them to acquire more knowledge in less time. Save a lot of time.

6- Education becomes easy

In education, technology is important for both students and teachers. There are many devices and software that facilitate learning and teaching. Animations and videos help with visualization and improve critical thinking skills. Awakens students' interest in learning. Today, the WhiteHat jr and BYJU apps are good examples of this.

Disadvantages of the technique

Everything good that can have a negative effect is also true. This mostly happens with abuse. Let's get to the downside of technology.

  1. Technology reduces job opportunities.
  2. It harms the environment.
  3. Technology indirectly affects the immune system.
  4. Affective relationship with family members.
  5. Addiction causes lifelong consequences for both boys and girls.

1- Technology reduces job opportunities.

In today's industry, technology is replacing almost all work and ultimately work. Many production lines are being automated by robots, leading to layoffs. And this unemployment is the main disadvantage of mechanical engineering.

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2- Harms the environment

Many technologies cause pollution. For example: air, noise and water pollution. Factories and vehicles release harmful gases into the air. Heavy machinery, vehicles and aircraft cause noise pollution. Non-disposable chemical waste produced by factories and power plants mix with rivers and pollute the water. All this pollution is happening because of technology. It is very harmful to every living thing on earth.

Because of this, human life is shortened. Unknowingly, we call our early death. In animals, the direct effect may be that contamination leads to instantaneous death. One example is that chemical waste in the river can destroy all marine life present there.

3- Technology indirectly affects the immune system.

In recent years, the food industry has grown very quickly. People often eat fast food because of a busy schedule. Currently, the use of Sendriya fertilizers in agriculture is increasing. As a result, the food is ready to eat in a couple of weeks. But this is due to dangerous fertilizers. It affects the immune power of humans.

Due to weak immune power, people can get infected with many viruses like COVID 19. Your immune system cannot neutralize these viruses.

4- Affective relationship with family members

Communication technology can increase the level of communication between people around the world. But it cuts down on conversation even among family members. That's because everyone is busy using their cell phones, playing video games or watching TV. This problem is mostly seen in the new young generation of people. They love to live in social isolation.

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5- Addiction causes lifelong effects in both boys and girls.

There are many modern technological devices that people use anytime and anywhere. Technologies such as smartphones and television are now also necessary and indispensable. But overdose or abuse distracts people from study and work.

This technology addiction wastes your precious life. They are unable to concentrate on their studies, ambitions and life goals. Now we are used to children using smartphones to play games. Because of this, they had eye problems from an early age. It even affected their meal or sleep schedules. Now the children don't like to go out to play.

To what extent get used to technology. Think before using technology.


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