The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (2023)

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (1)


The 5 Worst One Piece Arcs Ranked

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One Piece is one of the most popular manga series of all time. Due to its status as the best-selling manga of all time, it has a huge following across the world. It has completed 1,001 chapters as of this writing and has not deteriorated in quality.

One Piece has a lot of great arcs and not a lot of bad arcs. Even the worst One Piece arcs are pretty good compared to other series. It's a difficult task to name the 5 worst One Piece arcs.

5. Small garden

Episodes: 70 to 77

Chapters: 115 to 129

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (2)

The first time we see giants is in the Little Arch of the Garden. We can see how the giants, a warrior race, live their lives. The fight scenes between the Strawhats and the Baroque Works agents (Mr.3, Mr.5, Miss Valentine, Miss Goldenweek) are well done.

Overall, it's a pretty decent arc, but the antagonists really weren't that great compared to standard One Piece. Also, there aren't many great moments in this arc.


  • Sanji calls it a crocodile.

4. Whiskey Peak

Episodes: 64 to 67

Chapters: 106 to 114

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (3)

The Whiskey Peak arc focuses on the events at Whiskey Peak, where the Straw Hats encounter the Baroque Works agents. Zoro kills 100 bounty hunters single-handedly and Luffy fights Zoro for the first and only time in his life. It is discovered that the princess of Alabasta is Vivi. Crocodile and the Baroque Works are also revealed in this arc.

Luffy's fight against Zoro made no sense. This is one of the biggest character inconsistencies in the series to date. Furthermore, Igaram was allegedly bombed to death, only to later show up in Alabasta.


  • Luffy contra Zoro.
  • Zoro vs bounty hunters.
  • Revelation of the crocodile and baroque works.

3. Orangenstadt

Episodes: 4 to 8

Chapters: 8 to 21

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (4)

This arc focused on finding Buggy. For the first time we see Luffy, Zoro and Nami together. Buggy was cool and his relationship with Shanks gave him a certain fascination, but his team was boring and uninteresting. The buggy fight was fun because it was the first time we saw two Devil Fruit users fighting.

Overall, I think everything about this arc feels average compared to later arcs. Even Buggy, who is a fan favorite in later arcs, wasn't much of an antagonist. Still, I would consider this arc to be on the good side of the spectrum.


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  • Zoro and Luffy's fight.
  • Boring stories.

2. Sirupdorf

Episodes: 9 to 18

Chapters: 22 to 41

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (5)

One Piece's release is considered slow, and the Syrup Village arc is the biggest culprit. Most one-piece arcs feature plot progression with either info dumps or amazing action scenes. However, the Syrup Village arc fails every single one of them. It ran for ten episodes and moved at an excruciatingly slow pace, with little noticeable plot progression.

For comparison, the Reverie, Jaya, and Loguetown arcs lasted less than ten episodes and had significant plot implications. Another big problem is having an inept antagonist in Kuro and his minions.


  • Get Go Merry e recrute Usopp.

1. Long ring, long land

Episodes: 207 to 219

Chapters: 303 to 321

The 5 worst One Piece arcs in the ranking (6)

This arc focuses on a competition between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Foxy Pirates dubbed the "Davy Back Fight". The bow is decent and fun on its own. Davy Back Fight is an intriguing concept that proves that pirate culture isn't just pure force. We've already had Skypiea deviate from the main story, and the fact that this happened after Skypiea didn't help.

This arc doesn't affect the story as much as other arcs. Perhaps this arc could improve if the Davy Back fight is shown again in the series. But currently, most agree that this is the worst arc in One Piece.


  • Luffy is afro.
  • Aokiji's meeting


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