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Plastids are the sites of production and storage of important chemicals used by autotrophic eukaryotic cells. They usually contain pigments for photosynthesis, and the type of pigment in the plastid determines the color of the cell.

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Which sentence describes a scientific theory?


What is a paragraph?

Choose all that implement cellular structures not commonly seen in plants and animals, and ___?



Cell wall, large central vacuole, and chloroplasts


cell wall

Explanation: Cell walls are present in plant cells, not in animal cells, since plants don't have bones, plants need something to keep them rigid and protect them from the elements

It takes a long time to break the rocks in the ground. what type of weathering occurs when acid comes into contact with rock




The rock then swells and weakens. Sometimes rainwater contains acid (acid rain). When it comes in contact with rocks like limestone, it slowly dissolves the rock. The most common forms of corrosion are oxidation, hydrolysis and carbonization

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Blood flows through our body in a system called the circulatory system. We have a double circulation system. Why is it called it, and what are the two paths that blood takes?



we call it

Double circulation because there is a third circulation between the heart, lungs and body organs.


Blood flow is from left to right

1. Pulmonary circulation

Right ventricle - pulmonary artery - lung - pulmonary vein - left artery

2. System cycle

Left ventricle - systemic artery - systemic organs - systemic vein - right artery

Hello! I need help. Can you lend me a mouse? ? Haha, do you understand? Since we can't see each other, can you at least use a computer mouse to help? he? he? anyone? Hmm... well, back to work. Rabbits eat carrots. What's up with that carrot? A. Matter is simply converted into energy.
B. The substance is completely removed from the rabbit as waste.
C. Matter is converted into energy and carbon particles.
D. The rabbit has fully absorbed the substance.



the answer is C


matter into energy and carbon particles

(I know because I studied physics xD)

An example of postzygotic hybrid sterility is? A) A sterile mule is born and mated with a horse and a donkey
B) Elaborate mating rituals for many birds help them choose fertile mates.

Reproductive isolation Reproductive isolation is classified as ?
A) Occurs before or after fertilization.
B) related to geography or anatomy

Sometimes two species have overlapping ranges but differ in sexual activity or breeding seasons. What is this prezygotic barrier called?
A) Behavioral segregation. b) Temporary isolation.


The offspring of different subspecies of animals are hybrids, and the sterility of hybrids after zygotic is the mating of horses and donkeys to give birth to mules. Invoking reproductive isolation in relation to geography and anatomy. Behavioral segregation is the distinct breeding seasons of a species.

What is insulation?

Isolation is the process of preventing two species that can produce hybrid offspring from doing so.

Can be of the following types:

  • ecological.
  • chronic.
  • behavioral.
  • engineer.
  • geographic.

The mating of a horse and a donkey gives birth to a sterile mule, which is zygotic and sterile.

Induction of reproductive isolation associated with geography and anatomy.

Behavioral segregation is based on segregation during different breeding seasons.

So the correct choice for the first sentence is A, the correct choice for the second sentence is B, and the correct choice for the third sentence is A.

For more information on species isolation, visit:




The first is A, the second is A, and the last is B.


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Which best describes the purpose of a bar chart?


The purpose of a bar chart is to show the relationship between different data by showing the amount or quantity of each category.

A bar chart (also known as a bar chart or bar chart) is a visualization tool that uses bars to compare data between categories. Bar graphs can run horizontally or vertically. ...the graph shows categories on one axis and discrete values ​​on the other. The goal is to show the relationship between the two axes.

What is 348.401 in scientific notation?


3,48401 × 10^5。

in scientific notation

How is the use of fossil fuels harming our planet?

I demand a quick answer!!!!!



Fossil fuels cause carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect heats up the Earth's atmosphere, causing global warming.


How is resource development endangering our planet?

Can anyone answer this question?
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It damages the natural environment, resulting in poor water quality, uneven terrain and endangered species.

What causes oceans near the equator to swell compared to polar waters? A. Hotline loop
B. Coriolis effect
C. Centrifugal force
D. synagogue



Centrifugal forces cause equatorial seawater to expand compared to bipolar seawater.


Centrifugal force drives the Earth's rotation due to a bulge called the equatorial bulge. But this is a different effect than tidal uplift.

A related tidal effect is caused by the gravitational gradient, which is the difference in gravity between one point on Earth and another.

Thus, centrifugal force is what causes sea water to expand at the equator.

Answer: The answer is C. Centrifugal force


How are alien species endangering our planet?
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Answer: Ecosystem Change

Explanation: The introduction of a new species into an ecosystem can have a profound impact on the ecosystem and can also be referred to as an invasive species.

Its impact on the ecosystem includes;

1. They compete with native species and sometimes even lead to extinction, because new species can be modified through evolutionary genetics in such a way that they have a better chance of survival in the ecosystem, for example: new species may encounter to native and exotic species - ecosystems evolve species and compete with them for survival, leading to reduction or even complete extinction of native species

Alien species can harm our planet because there are parts of the world where we are not prepared for the species they live in, and that often wreaks havoc.

The amount of matter in the Earth system remains constant over time. However, the form and location of the matter stored in the system is constantly changing as it passes through the Earth. Matter can be transported between which of the following elements of the Earth system? A. From the natural environment to living organisms
B. From organisms in the natural environment
C. From one organism to another
D that's all



The answer is D. all


I just took the test and passed! ! ! ! ! ! ! I hope this helps you! ! ! ! ! !

Answer: D


Researchers recently engineered tooth decay-causing bacteria by inserting a DNA segment into the bacteria's DNA that blocks lactic acid production. What is the name of the new DNA? Foreign DNA
restriction DNA
recombinant DNA
transgenic DNA


Answer: Recombinant DNA

Explanation: Recombinant DNA is basically genetically modified DNA produced in a laboratory by combining different DNA strands and making bonds to form a new genome or gene sequence, the whole process is done in vitro (laboratory)

DNA sequences are then introduced into the host to trigger specific types of responses.




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What is the main function of the leopard liver


A: Performs most of the metabolic functions of the body


1. Produces protein with the help of vitamins and thus helps in blood clotting

2. Break down aging and damaged blood cells

3. Break down fat and produce energy for the body to use, thus contributing to the metabolism of fat

4. Produce bile and excrete bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones and drugs.

5. Metabolize protein and carbohydrates

How is DNA replicated? A. The antisense strand of DNA is used as a template to form both strands of a new double helix.
B. The sense strand of DNA is used as a template for making a new duplex duplex.
C. Each individual DNA strand is used as a template to create a complementary DNA strand.
D. mRNA made from DNA serves as a template to create the complementary strand of DNA.



DNA replicated from B: The sense strand of DNA is used as a template to create both strands of a new double helix.


DNA, then, is "replicated" during transcription. Transcription is the process of copying information from a DNA strand into a new messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule. Additionally, DNA securely stores genetic material.

During transcription, single-stranded RNA is synthesized using a double-stranded DNA molecule as a template. The two strands of the DNA molecule separate from each other, exposing the nitrogenous bases. Only one strand is actively used as a template during transcription, known as the sense or template strand. The unused complementary DNA strand is called the nonsense or antisense strand.

13. What makes water a polar molecule?


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Hi, hope you enjoy :) Question: 13. What makes water a polar molecule? = So, first of all, the polar molecule is and cannot bond with the non-polar molecule because of the oxygen side, and it is also negatively charged. An example of a polar molecule is water. I hope it helps you.

Which celestial bodies in the early solar system did not form planets? A. Rings of Saturn
B. Moons of Jupiter
C. Pluto and Grace
D. asteroid



option (D)


Asteroids are defined as rocky objects of varying sizes that are found in abundance in space. Most of them exist in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where they often collide with each other and orbit the sun.

Asteroids are thought to be particles (objects) left in the universe immediately after the formation of the solar system, which happened about 4.6 billion years ago. This material has not yet formed planets, but is scattered and oriented in space. Sometimes they can enter the Earth's atmosphere and have dire effects if they hit the Earth's surface.

Therefore, the correct answer is option (D).

Hi, hope you enjoy :) Question: Which objects are left over from the early solar system that did not form planets? A. Rings of Saturn B. Moons of Jupiter C. Pluto and Charon D. Asteroids = the answer is D. Asteroids because the asteroid belt did not form planets because asteroids do not have enough mass. Therefore, it cannot generate enough gravity to form planets. I hope it helps you.

How to pronounce Erinaceinae?


First, it's not spelled that way (urchin). You can also just say hedgehog.

you can use the word hedgehog instead

How do organelles work together in cellular function?



Organelles have a very important knife with sharp tools inside to make sure nothing bad happens to your body and you don't get sick


All the organelles in a cell must work together to keep the cell as healthy as possible.


Each organelle has a specific function or task to perform to keep the cell alive. The nucleus (the center of the cell) of eukaryotic cells moves and directs the cell to function and store DNA.

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