What is the acceleration of gravity (2023)

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answer 1

If you stay on the same planet, dropping multiple items one by one,
It turns out that every thrown object falls from the hand to the ground
hit the ground with the same acceleration and at the same speed,
Whether the item is light, heavy, or somewhere in between.

This specific acceleration value is the "gravitational acceleration".
On Earth, it's 9.81 meters² per second. On the moon, it is 1.62 meters
per second². On Jupiter, it's 25.89 meters² per second.

Why we generally don't notice it: The previous description is true if
The only force acting on an object is gravity. if dropped
The air is in the process of falling, then the air will have a great impact on it. many
There's an exhibit at the museum where they throw stuff into a long tube
All the air has been sucked and you can see some really weird things in there
Stuff... like bowling balls, rocks, a piece of paper and a pen, everything
They fell together and nothing fluttered.

Why are they both falling with the same acceleration? This is a separate question.

answer 2

Acceleration occurs between two objects containing mass due to the gravitational force between them.

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A 400W refrigerator works 8 hours a day. Find out how much energy is consumed per day in kilowatt-hours.


400 Watts = 0.4 Kilowatts

(0.4 kW) x (8 hours) = 3.2 kWh

How many 176 ohm resistors need to be connected in series to get 5 A from a 220 V battery?


Total resistance = voltage/current = 220/5 = 44 ohms.

Even a 176 ohm resistor is too much. The flowing current is 1.25 A,
And having more than one of them in series will further reduce the current.

However, connect them in parallel. . .

Four 176 ohm resistors in parallel, each with an effective net resistance
176/4 = 44 ohms...just what you need to get the job done.

The bulleted equation is y = ax - bx2. What is its horizontal range?


Answer: Range,


The orbital equation is:

where is the projectile angle and R is the horizontal range.

The bullet equation is:

y = ax-bx²


So the horizontal range is

Y = a x - b x^2
The range is a/b

y = tan Ф x - g x² / 2 u² cos² Ф
tan Ф = a - Equation 1
b = g / 2u² cos² Ф so u² cos² Ф = g /2b - Equation 2

R = u cos Ф * 2 * u sin Ф / g = 2/g sinФ u² cos Ф
= 2 /g tan Ô u² cos² Ô using Equation 1 and Equation 2
= (2 /g) za (g / 2b ) = za / b

Can you explain to me how to do physical integration easily?


The simplest way of explaining is almost exactly the same as the way the teacher explains in class. If there is an easier way...like writing a few paragraphs here...the teacher will do it. On the first day of class, you'll print a simple explanation on a piece of paper, and the rest of the time you'll practice and really get the hang of it.
If a class takes a month to teach it, it's about that long. sorry.

What is the relationship between the speed of an object in uniform circular motion and its time period


If the radius remains constant, the velocity of the object is uniform
Circular motion is inversely proportional to its rotation period.

The radius of the sphere is (4.3 ± 0.1) cm. What is the volume percent error? ? ?


Its radius has a maximum error of (0.1) / (4.3).

We know that volume is proportional to (radius)³, so the error w
Volume is proportional to (radius error)³.

[ 1 + 0,1/4,3 ]³ = 1,0714

7.14% Maximum Voltage Error

What is t in the formula Q=m C t


If I know what Q, m, and C are, I can give you a plausible answer with absolute certainty.

T is the temperature difference, how can we change our body temperature. Example: If we want to heat water from 15 degrees to 20 degrees, the temperature difference t will be 20-15=5

Which has more resistance: a 220V, 100W light bulb or a 220V, 60W light bulb?


The power dissipated by something with voltage is


You can see that the resistance is in the denominator of the fraction,
Therefore, a larger resistor dissipates less power, while a smaller resistor
Dissipate more power.

Here's an easy way to remember it:
-- Attach a piece of rubber (high resistance) to the battery terminal
Consumes very little battery power.
-- Put a wire (low resistance) on the battery terminal
It can draw so much power from the battery that the wires would melt.

Since the voltage across both bulbs is expected to be the same, the bulb
Designed to dissipate 60 watts with higher resistance than designed
Dissipates 100 watts.


A light year is a distance.
It is the distance light travels in a year in a vacuum.
The distance is about 5.875 trillion miles.
The closest star to our solar system is about 4.2 light-years away.

Sorry it's been so long.

What is latent heat of fusion...


The latent heat required to melt a solid into a liquid is called latent fusion.
This latent heat does not increase the kinetic energy of the species undergoing an aggregate state change and thus does not reveal its presence by raising the temperature.

Enthalpy of fusion, also known as (latent) heat of fusion, is the change in enthalpy due to heating a given quantity of a substance to change its aggregated state from solid to liquid. The temperature at which this happens is the melting point.

A softball player leaves the strike zone, goes 3.0 meters past first base, and returns to first base. Is the player's total displacement from the battery box smaller or larger than the player's total travel distance?


The distance he ran was 6 meters more than his displacement. Displacement depends only on endpoints. The path traveled is independent of displacement.

What factors does fluid pressure depend on?


The pressure in a liquid depends on the depth and density of the liquid.

What is the difference between a motor and a generator?


Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy...

Electric motors are powered by electricity and generators generate electricity.

Defines the unit of electrical work (JOLE) in terms of charge and potential difference.


1 Volt = 1 Coulomb

It takes 1 joule of work to push a coulomb of charge close enough to the charge
The same sign raises its potential by 1 volt.

If you let a charge of 1 coulomb drop to the point where it is 1 volt below its potential,
Provides 1 joule of energy.

The law of universal gravitation states that a universal gravitational force acts between all objects. However, you will never be attracted to the refrigerator in the kitchen. Why;


If your mass is 50 kg (your weight is 110 kg), the mass of the refrigerator
is 100 kg (weighing 220 lbs) and its center
1 meter (about 3 feet) between the radiator and the middle, then the power supply
The force of gravity between you and the radiator is about 0.0000012 ounces. that's why.

1. Sometimes water pipes burst in very cold places. give a reason.


Water is the only known substance that grows larger when it freezes.
Here's how ice cubes float in liquid water and why pipes
or beverage cans that leak when filled with liquid water
It freezes and grows larger.

When it's very cold, the pipes freeze and the water expands and freezes. The frozen water expanded and the pipes burst.

What are Kirchhoff's laws? ? ?


There are two laws named after Kirchhoff. Both are about circuits.
Here are your own words:

1). The sum of the voltage drops around each closed loop in the circuit is zero.

2). The sum of the current at any point in the circuit is zero.

there are two
1 Current Kirchhoff's laws:
Point out that the sum of all currents flowing through all conductors meet at a point is zero.
2 Kirchhoff's voltage law:
Point out that the algebraic sum of all voltages around any closed network is zero...

What is the difference between mass and weight


Mass is a property of an object. It doesn't change no matter where the object is located.

Weight is the gravitational force between two objects. it depends on the people
two objects, and the distance between their centers, so it varies,
Depends on weight and distance from other objects
between them.

What is a lunar eclipse?


A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and behind the earth. The Moon passes behind the Earth in its umbrella, not the other way around! This is possible when three of them are aligned (coupled). One night last October, a solar eclipse occurred in Romania.

A lunar eclipse is basically when the Earth passes between the moon and the sun, causing the moon to appear dark. Also, unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurs during the day.

What is the difference between a TV signal and standard radio waves?


TV signals, like radio waves, have the same source: electromagnetic waves
The only difference between them is how often they are published.

TV signals carry much more information than typical radio signals...
Enough information must be given to the recipient to draw a picture and color it,
Something other than making a sound.

In order to carry more information, a TV signal must spread over a larger area
The frequency or wider "channel" that a radio signal occupies.
Example: AM radio band, between 550 and 1700 on your dial, moderator
Many radio stations in the band around 1.2 MHz. Between them is the FM radio band
88 and 108 on the dial serve many FM stations in the 20 MHz band.
But every TV channel has 6 MHz of room to use.

Part of this reasoning is related to the fact that the entire television transmission function is performed by
Higher than any commercial AM radio, most TVs run on this frequency
This is also higher than all FM radios.

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